Watch My Manta

A partnership between Manta Trust & Carl F. Bucherer

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The Watch


As part of a growing partnership, Carl F. Bucherer are launching a limited-edition series of timepieces dedicated to the admirable work of the Manta Trust.

The new Patravi ScubaTec Manta Trust features two manta rays pictured on the ridged dial, appearing as though they are surfacing from beneath the ocean waves. The timepiece boasts an automatic helium release valve, making it perfectly equipped for dives of up to 500 meters, not unlike those made by these mysterious ocean giants. The luminescent indices and hands round off its distinctly sporty look, and ensure that it is easily readable underwater.

Reef Manta ID Photo


What makes each timepiece one of a kind are the unique manta ray engravings on the back of the case.

Manta rays possess a pattern of spots on their stomachs that are unique to each individual, just like a human fingerprint. These spot patterns are the cornerstone of the Manta Trust's research - the charity collects photographs of these spots to identify each individual manta ray they encounter. By collecting multiple photographs of the same mantas over time, these ID Photos can reveal patterns in their migrations and behaviour - all crucial information that can be used to unlock the mysterious lives of these animals, and ensure humanity makes informed decisions about how best to protect them.

 Each of the 188 timepieces depict the unique spot pattern of a specific, individual manta ray, photographed underwater by the Manta Trust's Maldivian Manta Ray Project.

The manta's corresponding identification number is enscribed below the engraving, and owners of the Patravi ScubaTec Manta Trust will be able to use this ID number to bestow a name to their associated manta. In addition, they will gain access to the Watch My Manta database, where they can browse profiles of the 188 Maldivian mantas, and receive updates about the status and last known location of their partnering manta ray.

CFB Manta Trust Watch_ID Engraving


By purchasing the Patravi ScubaTec Manta Trust, watch connoisseurs not only become the proud owner of a truly unique timepiece; they also contribute to the conservation of manta rays. Part of the proceeds from the sale of this limited-edition watch will go to the Manta Trust to finance an exciting scientific project, during which important data will be gathered that will help us better understand the lives and vulnerability of the Maldivian mantas.


Manta Ray Researchers_1


Manta rays spend much of their lives wondering the oceans in search of plankton. We know it has a huge influence on where they go and how they behave, yet we actually know very little about the microscopic animals they rely on. Understanding what the Maldivian mantas are eating the most has significant implications on how we go about conserving these gentle giants.

Over the course of two week-long research expeditions, the Manta Trust team will use cutting-edge science to figure out the primary diet of the reef manta rays of the Maldives. The team will visit the country's famous manta sites to collect small skin samples from the feeding rays. These pieces of skin are the key to unlocking this mystery. By breaking down these pieces of skin in a lab, the Manta Team can compare the chemical signatures of the mantas to different types of planktonic prey, and thereby understand what the mantas have been eating.