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manta MV-MA-4351

Adopted by: Anonymous

ID Number: MA-MV-4351

Gender: Female

Date First Sighted: 18th July 2017.

Location of First Sighting: Veyofushi Faru, Baa Atoll, Republic of Maldives.

Total Number of Sightings: 2



During our first encounter, we estimated that this manta was roughly 2.2 metres in width, from wing-tip to wing-tip. Based on her size and the lack of mating scars on her left pectoral fin, we class this manta as a juvenile.

She has a long tail, and some small notches on both her pectoral fins, likely caused by fishing lines.



Sighted 18th July 2017.

Sighted 18th July 2017.

Sighted 24th July 2017.

Sighted 24th July 2017.