Watch My Manta

A partnership between Manta Trust & Carl F. Bucherer


Adopted by: FanFan Pun

ID Number: MA-MV-4006

Gender: Female

Date First Sighted: 27th February 2016.

Location of First Sighting: Sola Corner, Raa Atoll, Republic of Maldives.

Total Number of Sightings: 1



During our first encounter, we estimated that this manta was roughly 3.5 metres in width, from wing-tip to wing-tip. Based on her size, we class this manta as an adult - but we are not sure if she has mating scars on her left pectoral fin.

She has a short tail, and a small chunk taken out of her left pectoral fin, midway along its length.



Sighted 27th February 2016.

Sighted 27th February 2016.